This allows for more rapid access to electronic books, electronic publications and databases (it does not include electronic articles). Most of these resources are part of the Library subscription, although other useful resources selected by the Library are also provided for free (open-access resources). The A-Z list is especially useful for consulting all the editions or articles in a specific electronic publication.

There are three options available for finding a specific resource:

  • Option 1 – Search box – search all the Library’s electronic resources
  • Option 2 – Alphabetical list – search all the Library’s electronic resources after having first selected the type of resource. Electronic publications are selected by default.
  • Option 3 – Subjects – searches the Library’s electronic publications.

SearchA TENG



This option allows users to search directly with search terms. Users can also search by title, ISBN or ISSN number.

BusquedaA Z2

The system will then show all the Library’s electronic resources related to the search terms.

BusquedaA Z3

Once the results have come up, the filters in the column on the left can be used to limit and focus the search.



This option allows users to search for the title of a resource using the alphabetical list. The user must first select the type of resource they are looking for using the drop-down menu and then select the first letter of the title from the alphabetical list. For example, to select the publication Tourism Management, the user would select “Publications” in the drop-down menu and then the letter T.

SearchA ZENG5

Once the search results appear, the user can select a publication. They can then click on the title to obtain more information (like the years covered by the subscription), or search for articles published within it and access the full text.

SearchA ZENG4



This option allows users to find electronic publications that reference a specific subject from those included in the A-Z list.

SearchA ZENG6