Most online procedures can be completed through the My account option in the URL catalogue, by introducing your username and password and selecting HTSI as the URL Institution.



Users can reserve copies of specific titles, whether they are books that have been loaned to others or books that are currently available.

In order to reserve a document, you must access My account from the URL catalogue, find the document you are looking for and click on the icon Reserve this title. You must then select the library where you will retrieve the document (the user’s school library will appear by default). When the document arrives at the selected library, the user will be informed by email (using the institutional account, and they will have 4 working days to retrieve it.

The following requirements must be taken into account:

  • Penalized users or users with pending loans cannot reserve items.
  • You will not be allowed to make a reservation if you have borrowed or reserved another copy of the same book.
  • You cannot reserve copies that are found in a department or that are missing.



The URL catalogue includes a series of interesting functions. Using the My account option found in the URL catalogue, you can view the documents you are currently borrowing.

This option also allows users to check their history of loaned documents by clicking on the icon My loan history. When users access the catalogue for the first time, they must activate this option by clicking the Activate my loan history icon.



Borrowed documents can be kept for a longer period if the user renews them using the My account option in the URL catalogue. The system will show the documents currently on loan, and the user can either select the individual documents they would like to renew or click Renew all.

Users can also request reservations at the library desk, by telephone or by email.

The following requirements must be taken into account:

  • Documents can be renewed up to 4 times.
  • Documents can be renewed as long as they have not been reserved by another user.
  • Documents can be renewed within the loan period. If the return date has gone by, the documents cannot be renewed.
  • Users whose cards have been blocked cannot renew documents.