Change the date of an ordinary exam for courses for which the student has registered in previous years but which they have not successfully completed, as long as these are the last two they require to complete their studies. Should the advanced sitting be suspended, the student will have to take their examination during the extraordinary sitting and will not be able to take the exam earlier.



Requested during registration period.



  • Having registered for the courses in previous years
  • Having a maximum of two courses remaining, with the exception of the Practicum and Final Project



  1. The student enrols in the subjects
  2. The student will fill out the form
  3. The Academic Office will inform the student of the new dates, which will be in the second half of September or the first half of October



  • We recommend that students discuss the issue with Academic Orientation before beginning the process
  • The student will be able to process their degree starting in the second half of October once final marks have been published