Request the following documents:

  • Personal Academic Certificate (stamped and signed academic transcript with the university access grade)
  • Certificate showing the number of ECTS completed in English
  • Enrollment certificate
  • Certificate of completion of studies
  • Replacement certificate of the diploma
  • Academic Transcript
  • Confirmation of the attendance to an exam
  • Confirmation of the date of an exam 



This formality is possible all year long.



  1. If necessary, the student will pay any applicable fees for the requested document using the fee payment process
  2. The student will fill out the form indicating the document they are requesting and the language it should be in. They must also present the receipt for any fees paid, unless the online format is used
  3. The Academic Secretary will prepare the document within 48 working hours of reception of the request
  4. The student will collect the document at the Academic Secretary