To request the recognition of credits in the following cases:

  • Transfer of academic records from another university
  • Simultaneous university studies


This process will be open for 15 calendar days after the start of the academic year.



  • Original documents, signed and stamped by the other university: study plan, academic transcript of records and teaching guides for all courses to be recognized.



  1. The student will have an interview with the Program Director. In this interview the student  will provide the study plan and teaching guides (properly stamped by the issuing university) in order to identify the possible recognition of credits
  2. The student must fill out the corresponding form, indicating the credits requested to be recognized as agreed in the previous interview
  3. The student must present the documentation in person at the Academic Secretary
  4. The Academic Secretary will present their assessment to the Commission for Credit Recognition of Ramon Llull University
  5. The Commission for Credit Recognition of Ramon Llull University will ratify and certify the validations presented by HTSI
  6. The Academic Secretary will inform the student of the resolution
  7. The student will collect their Ramon Llull University credit recognition certificates in person at the Academic Secretary



  • Once the recognition has been approved, the final mark on the academic record will be the course mark at the university of origin
  • No program courses will be recognized if they have not first been completed and evaluated
  • Students pursuing simultaneous studies can present their request each academic year. However, they cannot request the recognition of courses taken that same academic year
  • According to Spanish Royal Decree 1618/2011 of 14 November 2011, (Article 6, Recognition and transfer of credits) “under no circumstances can credits corresponding with the final project of a bachelor’s or master’s degree be recognized or transferred"
  • The recognition of credits fee is established by the Administration Department