Request the recognition of credits for participation in cultural, sports, student representation, solidarity or collaborative university activities in keeping with academic regulations.

This procedure applies only into the Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, which includes up to 6 optional credits that can be granted for such activities.



The request for recognition will be presented once the activity is completed.





  1. The student will check the list of activities subject to recognition in the academic regulations
  2. If the activity is not on the list:
    a.- The student must fill out the following form and send it to the Academic Board so that they can evaluate its approval
    b.- The Academic Board will inform the student of its decision
    c.- If approval is not granted, the activity is not recognized, and the procedure ends here
  3. If the activity is included in the list of activities or is approved by the Academic Board (includes Study Trips):
    a.- The student completes the process for the recognition of credits
    b.- The student requests the corresponding certificate:

    -If the activity is found on the URL’s list, the student will contact the Vice-Rectorate of International Relations and Students
    -If the activity is found on the HTSI’s list, the student will contact the centre where the activity took place. On case of Study Trips the certificate is requested to Academic Office.

    c.- The student will ask the Academic Secretary to recognize their credits before the publication of final marks for the academic year by filling out the following form. The student must submit the corresponding certificate and their report on the activity
    d.- The Academic Board will provide a mark of “Pass” or “Fail”
  1. The URL Commission for the Recognition of Credits will validate the request in the corresponding meeting
  2. The Academic Secretary will inform the student of its final decision
  3. The Academic Secretary will apply the recognition of credits to the student’s academic record when the student registers for their 4th year, and will apply the necessary fees



  • The fees for the recognized credits will be established by the Administration