Collect the degree cetificate of an official degrees or Ramon Llull University degree



This process is available all year.



  • Having processed the degree request and having paid any necessary fees, if applicable



  • An up-to-date photocopy of the student’s DNI (Spanish students) or passport (international students)
  • The original receipt of the degree



Graduates have 3 options for receiving their degree from the Academic Secretariat:

  • Option 1: The graduate personally collects their degree
  • Option 2: The graduate authorizes someone else by power of attorney. An original power of attorney and an up-to-date photocopy of the authorized individual’s DNI/Passport must be presented together with the original receipt for the degree
  • Option 3: The graduate requests the degree cerificate to be sent to a Spanish embassy or consulate if the destination is abroad abroad or in a delegation or subdelegation of the Government of Spain of a particular province if the destination is in Spain. To do so,

1.- The graduate will check the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find their closest Spanish embassy/consulate or the nearest delegation or subdelegation of the Government on the page of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function
2.- The graduate will fill out the corresponding form
3.- The graduate will pay a fee through the fee payment process
4.- Once all the necessary documents have been submitted and the necessary fees have been paid, the Academic Secretary will send the degree certificate to the chosen Spanish embassy / consulate / delegation / subdelegation and will notify the student of the delivery
5.- The Embassy / Consulate / Delegation / Subdelegation  will inform the student when they can collect their degree