Request authorization to modify the number of registered credits for a justified reason. A justified reason is considered to include motives related to the death of a first-degree family member, an accident or serious illness. The Academic Board will evaluate each situation. Academic fees don not apply when modification is due to justified reason or change of second language. If these conditions are not met, the enrollment modification fees must be paid through the fee payment process.



This process is open during the registration period, as well as seven days before the start of each semester.



  • Document noting the reasons for modifying registration



  1. The student fills out the form
  2. The Academic Board evaluates the request and informs student of their decision
  3. If the decision is favourable:
    a.- Program Management will inform the Academic Secretary and any affected professors 
    b.- The student will change the registration in person at the Academic Secretary
    c.- The Academic Secretary will change the registration, updating the amount payable and the access to courses in the program