Request that the Academic Board evaluate the student’s merits and consider the possibility of passing them in the last subject they need to complete their studies.



This may be requested for 5 working days after the publication of final marks.



  • Having exhausted all regular examination opportunities for the course, plus one special examination opportunity
  • Having obtained a minimum mark of 4 in the special examination opportunity



  1. The student will request evaluation by compensation by filling out the appropriate form
  2. The graduate will pay the required fees for the processing of the degree through the fee payment process
  3. Program Management will present the request to the Academic Board, and they will evaluate the case
  4. The Academic Secretary will inform the student of their decision



  • The student’s academic record will note that the course in question was passed “by compensation”, with a mark of 5
  • Credits such as the Practicum or Final Bachelor’s or Master’s Project cannot be passed by compensation