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Did you know there are scholarships and grants offered for students who want to study or doing their student internship within or outside of Europe?

Grants for study or student internship are available from a variety of sources.

Even though grants may not fully cover your study or internship abroad costs, they'll help decrease your expenses and make your study/internship experience more affordable.

Read on to see the most important grants available for you, how to apply, and when the application period ends. (Click here for additional grants)

(*) Grants are organized by external institutions. HTSI does its best to update the list and keep the deadlines accurate. Nevertheless, we recommend always checking the scholarship websites to confirm the official deadline and application process.

HTSI just informs about the procedure to follow, gives support and supervises the documentation needed.


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Erasmus+ fundings posibilities if the mobility is interrupted due to COVID-19

Read about the Erasmus+ mobility options if your ERASMUS+ mobility is interrupted or modified due to COVID-19:





Physical mobility 100%

Student stay in the destination country and receive 100% funding for their stay.

Combined mobility

Students begin their stay in the country of origin online and then travel to the country of destination and continue their stay physically for the minimum duration of three months, in the case of an academic mobility or, for two months, in the case of a mobility of internship. Students receive funding for the period of being in the city of destination (in a classroom or virtual form if due to COVID-19 they could not go to class or work in person).

Mobility 100% Virtual

During the virtual period in the country of origin, participants will not be able to receive financial assistance; if the virtual period takes place in the country of destination, participants will be entitled to receive the corresponding aid (as long as this period is higher than the minimum time)

Physical mobility interrupted due to COVID-19

If a student has gone abroad with Erasmus+ mobility (physical mobility or combined mobility -blended) and is affected by the COVID-19 and must either finish their mobility early by shutting down activity in their host organisation, or they must return to their home country in order to continue mobility in a virtual way, it should be ensured that the measures described in the Mobility Tool Guide are applied as cases of mayor force as a result of the Erasmus+ programme's Higher Education projects.
A change in the type of virtual and physical activity can be considered as a mayor force reason to return to the student's home country if the situation due to COVID-19 requires it.

Therefore, if any student, once he is abroad in his Erasmus+ stay, sees his stay affected by the COVID-19, mayor cause would be applied if:

  • If the student continues virtual exchange and these activities are organized by the institution as an alternative to the actual ongoing activity, he would receive full-term scholarship.
  • If the student has to stop academic or working activity in his or her destination institution and does not continue the rest of the academic exchange in virtual form and, as a result, returns to his country of origin, he would have the right to receive funding for the stay in the destination institution. Student participant would have a strict obligation to return part of the payment received in case the corresponding amount for the final student stay was less than the payment received.






Students with disabilities are encouraged to participate in Erasmus+ mobility and can benefit from additional support which is meant to cover additional costs directly related to disabilities. For further information about conditions and requirements, please consult directly the official homepage of the grants:





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