ERASMUS + (Internship mobility)

HTSI students can apply to the Erasmus+ Grant for doing an international internship mobility in Europe



1. Application formThis document must be completed with your personal data. 

  • Application Form


  1. Learning Agreement: Document between the Student, HTSI and the Receiving Company/Organization. 


Both docuemnts will be send by Fritz Habermann on request. (


Insurance: For doing an Erasmus mobility it is mandatory to have an insurance for the whole stay. Ramon Llull University offers students an insurance for HTSI students ONCAMPUS.



Before the mobility:

  1. Fill in the Application form (do not forget to sign it)
  2. Fill in the Learning Agreement (only the section: Before the mobility): (the company, you and International Office of HTSI has to sign).
  3. Send a scanned copy of the Learning Agreement to the Receiving Institution (Company) in order to fill out the information (do not forget to sign it). The Receiving Institution (Company) must also sign on the place indicated).
  4. Once you receive the document from the Company, you must send it to International Office (
  5. HTSI will send these documents to the URL – International Relations (Rectorate) who will contact you in order to finalize the procedure.
  6. There you will sign the agreement, obtain the Internship certificate and insurance (if you do not have it yet) and do a language online assessment (obligatory).

Please remember that you must submit all the Erasmus requirements before starting your mobility.

After the mobility:

  1. One week before the end of the mobility the company should sign and fill out the following documents:
  2.     A) Application form (only the section: After the mobility)
  3.     B) Certificate of Internship (Certificate of attendance)
  4. Present original documents at URL- International Relations (Rectorate)
  5. Fill in the EU Survey form that will be sent to you electronically.
  6. Do the second language online assessment.

Important: If any of the procedures are not followed correctly the student is obliged to pay the grant amount back to the Erasmus+ Programme. It is the student’s own responsibility. HTSI only supervises the and gives support the procedure of applying.



For any inquiries, please contact: