If you forget a personal item at HTSI or elsewhere in the building, you can contact to General Services, located on the 1st floor, office 109. At the end of the day, General Services leaves these items with Lost Items, at Reception on the ground floor.

Please pay close attention to your personal belongings at all times. HTSI and ESADE do not assume liability for lost items.



HTSI provides any student who requests it with a locker locker for daily use. These are located in the 2nd-floor lobby.

You can request a locker by sending an email to ssgg@htsi.url.edu or in person at General Services, at office 109 on the 1st floor. Once you have been assigned a post box, you will receive your key. At the end of the day, you must empty the post box and return the key.



HTSI provides any students and staff that request it with parking permits at a reduced cost for the B:SM public parking facility across the street from our building. Permits can be obtained from General Services, at office 109 on the 1st floor. They can be used to pay for parking when removing your vehicle from the facility.

These permits include a 40% discount and can be purchased for 30-minute intervals for €0.95. They can be paid for in cash or using a bank card at minimum cost.