Request a temporary interruption of studies. This interruption is considered a “leave” when the request is voluntary. “Force majeure” is considered to include motives related to the death of a first-degree family member, an accident or serious illness. The Academic Board will be responsible for evaluating the situation.



This formality is possible all year long. Voluntary leave will always apply to the following academic year.



  1. The student will fill out the interruption request form and provide the necessary documentation.
  2. The student will meet with Program Management to evaluate the request.
  3. Program Management will present the request to the Academic Board.
  4. After having evaluated the request, the Academic Board will inform the student of their final decision.



  • All services associated with the student will be deactivated for the requested period, with the exception of the student email account.
  • The interruption of studies will guarantee the student’s position as long as the studies plan lasts, and will exclude the student from the need to pay spot reservation fees.
  • Failure to return to studies after the leave will be considered a cancellation with regard to the student’s academic file.