This procedure allows members of the HTSI community (students, research and teaching staff, administrative staff) to make, modify or cancel reservations of work spaces available during a limited time.

The spaces available are:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Classrooms

Spaces must be reserved using the following web app.


  • With regards to the reservation:
    • Under no circumstances can you occupy a space that you have not previously reserved. Users who did not make a prior reservation can reserve a space right before using it, as long as it is available.
    • Once the request is completed, the reservation appears on screen as pending until it is authorized by General Services (Room 109) within a maximum period of 24 hours.
    • Meeting rooms are to be used by research, teaching and administrative staff.
    • The user who makes the reservation is responsible for guaranteeing that the space is left in the same state they first found it in.
    • HTSI reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the person who made it does not arrive within 15 minutes of the reservation time, so that the space can be offered to other users.
    • HTSI reserves the right to cancel or modify a reservation that was previously approved in order to guarantee the academic activity of its different programs. Whenever possible, an alternative to the request will be suggested.
    • HTSI reserves the right not to approve reservations by users who repeatedly fail to cancel reservations they do not show up for.
  • With regards to use:
    • Working spaces are intended for uses related to study, teaching and investigation.
    • No activity involving economic returns is permitted.
    • The maximum capacity of the rooms must be respected.
    • The consumption of any form of food or drink is not allowed in the working spaces.
    • The working environment must be respected, and voices must not be raised so as not to bother other users.
    • Equipment and furniture must be respected.



1.- Access the web application for reserving spaces, introducing your HTSI username and password.



2.- Request the type of space, the date and the time slot. The date can be modified at the top of your screen, or from the calendar.


3.- Provide the information requested and click SAVE. The option Skip past conflicts is for making recurring reservations, and should be kept deactivated (as it is by default).


4.- Once the reservation request has been made, the reservation appears on screen as pending until it is authorized by General Services (Room 109) within 24 hours.

5.- Once authorized, the user must contact General Services (if they have reserved a classroom) in order to request the card/key they will need to access the space. Once the reservation time has expired, the user must return the access card/key.

Procedure for modifying or cancelling a reservation 

1.- Access the application for reserving spaces, entering your HTSI username and password. 


2.- Select the reservation you would like to modify or cancel.



3.- Make any changes you would like to make, or cancel the reservation. 

 Reserving054.- In case of cancellation, the reservation is automatically cancelled. In case of modification, the reservation will need to be approved once again by the person in charge, as noted in the reservation procedure.