Request that a student’s academic file be transferred from the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi to another school of Ramon Llull University, or to another university.



This formality is possible all year long.



  • Having applied for a voluntary resignation from HTSI
  • Having been admitted to the destination university before initiating the file transfer process



  • An admission letter signed by the head of the Academic Secretariat or Admissions Department of the destination university, or a registration certificate from the destination university.



  1. The student will complete the voluntary resignation process.
  2. The student will fill out the form for the transfer of an academic file, attaching admission letter from the destination university and university data.
  3. The Academic Secretariat will validate the student’s information and inform the student when they can proceed to pay the necessary fees for the transfer of their academic file.
  4. The student will pay the necessary fees for the transfer of their academic file using the fee payment process.
  5. The student will provide the Academic Secretariat with the receipt for the paid fees, either by delivering it in person or by sending it by email to academic.secretary@htsi.url.edu.
  6. The Academic Secretariat will send the documentation directly to the destination university.