Voluntary resignation for personal reasons from studies for which the individual is currently registered.



This formality is possible all year long.



  • Having interviewed previously with Academic Orientation or Program Management
  • Return of student card (TUI)
  • Return of all loans from the library or ICT services, if applicable
  • Liquidation of all outstanding payments pending with the Administration, if applicable



  1. The student will meet with Academic Orientation or Program Management to present the reasons for their voluntary resignation.
  2. The student will fill out the form requesting voluntary resignation, which will be received by Academic Orientation or Program Management.
  3. Academic Orientation or Program Management will sign the document and will send it to the Academic Secretary.
  4. Academic Secretary will close the student’s file and will inform them of this using the personal email address they provided.
  5. ICT services will cancel the individual’s access to the assigned student services.



  • The consequences of the voluntary resignation are included in the terms of termination of the signed academic services contract.